Help to get ECOV into production

Why EcoV?

EcoV Electric - Overview & Potential Alliance


  • EcoV Environmental Transportation, Inc. has developed & tested a fully integrated production prototype family of city based electric vehicles for manufacture & sales in Michigan & USA. EcoV comes in 6+ different bodies
  • EcoV is Best-in-Class lower speed vehicle that is affordable, safe, versatile, fully enclosed, good-looking product that will save 70% in operating costs.
  • Companies in manufacturing of automotive components have a unique opportunity to buy into a fully integrated, tested product, greatly expanding their diversity, stature & income by teaming up with us.  We need partners.

Status & Deal

  • $14+Million(USD) in equity today
  • need for $11Million(USD) to start production in 9 months, First in USA
  • Followed by $12Million (USD) line-of-credit to expand and buy more inventory.
  • For your investment, you can get arrange a number of options depending on your interests.
    • Get equity in the company
    • Become a joint venture partner
    • Become a parts supplier, too
    • License the EcoV product and technology to build in another country

Product Description

  • EcoV is a street legal Low Speed Vehicle (LSV) (per US FMVSS 500) that is limited to 25 mph max. speed & legal on roads 35 mph; most all 50 States. 
  • EcoV sells for $11,999 (USD) well equipped; auto-OEM’s will not compete in this market due to high costs & LSV’s cannibalize on current gas products.
  • EcoV uses affordable sealed lead-acid, deep cycle batteries with a direct drive DC motor driving a solid rear axle with gear reduction and differential
  • EcoV specific parts include thermoformed body panels and a tubular steel spaceframe with roll cage.
  • Today’s USA market for LSV’s is 10,000 units per year; the products are enhanced golf carts & do not feel safe and are not what customers want.
  • EcoV is a “Superior LSV” exceeding the Standards by adding automotive braking, handling & crash testing. EcoV performs these tests safely.
  • For a product like EcoV, the US addressable market is 200,000 units in fleet sales & 500,000 in private use sales.  700,000 units is a $10B market.

EcoV Team & Customers

  • Mr. Marks has 40 years in automotive including 25 years at GM & worked on GM Electric Vehicle program with EV1 and EV conversions.
  • His team has over 200 years of automotive experience in all areas.
  • Customers: US Postal Service, universities, municipalities, security patrols, parking enforcement, retirement/Master Planned Communities & urban family


Welcome opportunity to discuss further.  Mr. Marks owns 100% of EcoV; The Company is debt free & ready to deal.  Let’s make this happen!!!!

Specification Sheet

Coming soon is a new 4 year lease program which will include total bumper to bumper maintenance and service and your car insurance all in one easy payment. Special programs for Fleet lease customers, too.  At the end of your lease, our Company takes EcoV back, cleans it up like new and leases it again as a used EcoV.  We do that over and over and then recycle EcoV to make new more affordable EcoV’s.

Outstanding value
EcoV is affordable to everyone with a retail price of $11,999 well equipped with doors, heater and more. And at only 50 cents to fully re-charge (approximately 2 cents per mile), it pays for itself in less than 1 year.  Imagine “fueling” your city car for about $100 per year!

Easy to operate … easy to maintain
The EcoV plugs into any standard wall outlet (120V AC or 240V AC) and in 8 hrs or less is fully recharged and ready to go 25-40 miles. And while you are out running your daily tasks, you can plug in anytime and anywhere a standard electric outlet is available.  Most newer electric vehicle high power charge stations also have a 120V outlet. When opportunity charging during the day, you can add 5 miles of range for each hour you are plugged in.

The EcoV is available in 4 and 6-passenger vehicles as well as pick-up or delivery truck vehicles that can carry up to 1500 lbs. of cargo. It is user-friendly and accessible for all ages, with easy in, easy out access. The EcoV is also handicapped and wheelchair accessible.  And on a warm day, just lift off the doors and drive so you can smell the flowers!

With a top speed of 25 mph, the EcoV is street legal on all public roads 35mph or less. And with its solid build, enclosed body, steel-welded frame and roll cage construction, the EcoV is roadworthy and meets or exceeds all Federal Safety Standards for low-speed vehicles (LSVs). Unlike our competition, EcoV will be crash tested.  EcoV brakes quickly like a standard car and is stable even when making turns at 25 mph.

The EcoV is built to be a long life vehicle (10-20 years) and is virtually maintenance free. It is designed using parts from standard and industrial vehicles that have proven to be long-lasting. And should the EcoV need repairs, its off-the-shelf replacement parts are easy and affordable. The only part that will need replacing is the battery pack, which lasts 3-4 years; it is affordable, safe, sealed, commercially available and never needs water.

Extremely environmentally-friendly
The EcoV has zero emissions and no noise, odors, or CO2 release. With solar and wind recharging, it is a no carbon footprint solution. It has no gas engine and is made from many high-quality recyclable materials.

The EcoV offers all season comfort, rain or shine. Designed as a roadworthy vehicle, the EcoV is weather sealed and protected. Standard is a fresh air ventilation and electric heat for you, or the windshield or your feet; plus heated seats are available, too. We also offer warm and cold weather packages for extreme climates including air-conditioning and heating systems that run independently of the battery.