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NEV – LSV - EcoV

NEV is short for Neighborhood Electric Vehicle and in China it stands for New Energy Vehicles.  NEV’s in US are not necessarily street legal vehicles and in many cases are simple golf carts used in closed communities.

LSV is short for a classification of street legal Low Speed Vehicles meeting a particular Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard, FMVSS 500.  This standard has been adopted in almost all 50 States in the US.  The term used in these 50 States’ Department of Motor Vehicles is “Low Speed Vehicle.”

FMVSS 500 is very limited in safety requirements which EcoV Environmental Transportation, Inc. has found unacceptable to a great many of our customers and us.  As automotive experts, we have enhanced these requirements for EcoV.  EcoV was designed to be crashworthy and handle & brake like conventional cars.  EcoV was designed to be fully enclosed, roadworthy and bullet-proof reliable.  EcoV was designed with architecture to allow 6 different models to be built off the same basic chassis and body.  EcoV features as standard equipment what most competitors charge extra for.  Check us out!

FMVSS states that these LSV’s must exceed 20 mph but not exceed 25mph.  Hence the vehicles are faster than standard golf carts but not fast enough to require full FMVSS certification.  LSV needs a windshield either plastic or safety glass, FMVSS certified seat belts, and lighting as in headlamps, turn signals, brake lights and rear reflectors.

EcoV is affordable to all at $11,999.  EcoV is safe through complete crash testing.  EcoV handles and brakes like a normal car. EcoV is versatile, a regular work horse to do any and all your tasks and missions day-in and day-out.  EcoV has windshield wiper, heater/defroster, roll cage structure, Slow Speed Alert System rear flashers and many more safety features.

There are no requirements for crashworthiness, vehicle stability as in roll over or structure to protect you in a roll over or braking performance.  Many of today’s LSV’s or NEV’s are causing great injury to occupants involved in  accident situations and in many cases these vehicles are used in a very limited fashion out of fear of injury.

EcoV will change that dramatically.  EcoV is safe, feels safe and secure driving in all city/urban situations.  There is nothing golf cart about EcoV.  If you want a safe and secure ride to do all your day to day tasks and more, EcoV is your ride of choice.

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EV conversions are another option for EV's.

While the interest in converting older gas cars to electric still exists, it has slowed down. There are newer good choices for electric transportation, but if you are interested in converting an existing vehicle, here is a book to help educate you. As an automotive engineer and expert in electric vehicles, I put this book together in 2008 and have added updates for 2015. My focus is safety both at the high voltage level and at the vehicle level. Good luck to you. Richard Marks

The Converter's Guide to the Galaxy and EV Conversions