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EcoV Environmental Transportation, Inc. (EcoV Electric) offers investors the opportunity to capitalize on the growing global demand for alternative fuel/electric vehicles and to enter a new and emerging market for affordable, safe, and versatile electric Superior Low Speed Vehicles. We offer a superior product at a compelling value.

Our extensive market research and many meetings using EcoV with our customers, both fleet and private users has opened our eyes to this tremendous need for a product like EcoV.  Both fleets and private users (mostly retirement, resort, and Master Planned Communities & city/urban families) love EcoV and want to buy EcoV’s. We will meet and exceed those needs and start to expand the LSV market.  Today’s LSV market is small at about 10,000 units per year and is not meeting the need.  We will start to grow this market with capability to produce 30,000 EcoV’s per year.  This only scratches the potential addressable market that is out there for EcoV.  We welcome potential alliance partners and investors, and would be pleased to provide additional information upon request. For more information about EcoV investor opportunities or to receive an investor package, please complete and submit the form below and one of our team members will be in touch with you.

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