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Nobody is more innovative than EcoV" Double X Box - twice the utilization & profits

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EcoVThe production EcoV prototype is now complete and being actively shown. Everyone loves EcoV!


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"Introducing the EcoV, the family of road-worthy electric Superior Low Speed Vehicles (LSV), High Speed Vehicle(HSV) and Hybrid that have good-looking appearance with affordability, safety and versatility. EcoV has automotive ride, comfort and durability. The EcoV is fun, friendly, practical, safe and easy on the budget, with no emissions, no noise, and no more trips to the gas station. EcoV will save you over 70% on operating costs over a standard small gas vehicle.

The EcoV is the Best-In-Class high value, high-quality LSV alternative to moving people and cargo outdoors or indoors in cities and urban areas where trips are usually short and at lower speeds. Its good-looking design provides exceptional comfort for all climates. It recharges for fifty cents from a standard wall outlet to go 25 to 40 miles and is virtually maintenance free.

And at a price tag starting at $11,999, well equipped as seen in the video above. Payback comes in less than a year with a fuel bill for the year under $100, virtually no maintenance and longer life than a gas car or truck.

We are looking for accredited investors to join in our $10,000,000 Private Placement round to provide us the capital to start production in 9 months. Please contact us for more details.

The key question is: Why are you holding back on investing in new EV companies?  Watch this!


EcoV Wins 2014 Detroit Auto Show Green Car of the Year

Short Show Video

Interview of Rich Marks

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00Z (double o zero) – Zero emissions, Zero cost


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